About Company

Improving the quality of internal transport and packaging services is an important and vital requirement for our customers within our beloved country Kuwait, which requires the internal transport companies to follow the scientific approaches to improve the quality of services in order to provide services that meet the requirements and desires of customers and exceed their expectations. That properly from the first time to provide internal transport services and every time and in a timely manner, and this is the policy that we adopt in Fast Move to achieve the aspirations of our customers in high quality and outstanding service and suitable price.


  • Professional and quiet staff.
  • Max speed, top quality, less cost
  • Transportation in closed cars with standard specifications to ensure the safe transport of furniture.
  • Unpacking, packaging, transporting and remodeling of home and office furniture using the latest methods and equipment
  • Which ensures the safety of all movables.
  • Preview before conducting the operation for free.
  • Internal and external transport.
  • Delivery of packaging materials to the customer such as: adhesive tapes, white wrapping paper, plastic air bubbles, different size balls, and others.
  • Planning the transport process and studying the economic cost of transportation and transportation.
  • Numbering, listing and preparing a packing statement for furniture and movable items. 
  • Experts in packing and working wooden boxes for transportation or storage.


We are always rated as the best (fast moving) company based on our quality of service.


The questionnaire distributed among the clients after completion of work enabled us to determine the negative and positive impacts. Further, it has enabled us to verify the complaints of the clients and to know their proposals and comments in order to provide the best professional service that satisfy all clients
Your satisfaction is necessary to our success. Our goal is to provide you with the best level of customer service, and we welcome your comments and suggestions