Upholstered furniture: packing for moving

Upholstered furniture: packing for moving

Transporting sofas and armchairs also requires some preparation. Consider how to disassemble a sofa for moving:

Remove all cushions, padded armrests, and other items that can be removed. Pack them in large plastic bags. In the same packages it is convenient to transport bed linen.
It is important to know that orthopedic mattresses are transported in special covers and in an upright position.
When disassembling a corner sofa, we unscrew the side parts and the back, if any.
At a straight sofa, you need to dismantle the back.
If the sofa has a drawer for storing linen, unscrew it and pack it in bubble wrap.
Small items such as pillows, cushions, armrests are packed separately.

Items in genuine leather cases must be treated with a special spray before transportation. Another way to avoid damaging your skin is to pack these items in a soft material such as flannel or fleece.

Sofas, armchairs and ottomans are placed in a truck for transportation only after cabinet furniture, also along the perimeter of the van. Do not forget to also take care to order the services of a furniture assembler.

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