How to prepare yourself for a house move

How to prepare yourself for a house move

This article covers only the methods of preparing an apartment move with Hope these simple and effective recommendations will help you organize your move quickly and cost-effectively. The first thing to start with is to determine the required amount of materials for packing things and their assortment.
Don’t try to fit everything into the boxes. For example, it is better to put food from the refrigerator in bags. Unload the refrigerator immediately before moving: this way the food will not have time to defrost during the time spent on the road.

Packing things in bags.

A practical and cheap way to pack things is to use large 120 liter trash bags. To prevent tearing, place one bag inside another. After loading the bag with things, rewind the neck with tape, and for reinsurance, drag it around the perimeter crosswise. Practice shows that damage to property with this method of transportation is impossible. Label those packages that contain valuables.

Box container.

Knowing the dimensions of the boxes, you can calculate the number of boxes required to transport things from the kitchen and living room. To measure the volume of property, you can use a tape measure, since high accuracy is not needed here. It is better to buy boxes in advance with a margin of several pieces, so that you do not have to run to the nearest store later.

Proper packing of things in boxes.

It is not recommended to pack things in huge boxes. It is best to choose those that movers can easily carry through the doorway. We believe that the most suitable box size for packing light items is 630x320x340. To transport books, boxes should be about half the size. With sufficient strength, they will have a small weight when fully loaded. In general, it is desirable that the weight of the box does not exceed 20 kg. After the boxes are filled with things, they are labeled so that it is possible to find out where the fragile things are. Then you need to seal the boxes with tape on all sides. Saving tape in this case is not worth it, because it gives strength to the box. The more tape you wind, the less likely it is that during loading or unloading the container will simply fall apart in your hands, and everything that was in it will end up on the floor or ground. You need to load things into boxes so that there are no voids in them, because due to uneven loading they become less stable. For ease of transport, it is recommended to choose boxes of approximately the same size.
Marking can be done using multi-colored price tags. They need to glue the container on all sides so that the mark is visible at any location. They are inexpensive and immediately noticeable, so they are used quite often for such purposes.

Prepare in advance the place where you will put the packed boxes. Clothes and other things are loaded last during transportation. Boxes with things should not interfere with the removal of furniture and household appliances.

Packing order.

First, they pack kitchen utensils and other things that are located in the kitchen. Then they package small items that were in the bedroom and living room. To easily distinguish between kitchen and living room boxes, you need to use stickers of different colors for the boxes. Place heavy boxes on the bottom, lighter boxes on top.

Furniture preparation.

We have already detailed the rules for preparing furniture – see the corresponding article. Please note that the incorrect arrangement of packed bags, boxes and boxes makes it difficult for movers to carry furniture, and the container has to be shifted several times. This increases the duration, and, accordingly, the cost of moving. Therefore, think in advance how you can take out all the furniture as efficiently as possible without any hassle.

If the furniture needs to be dismantled before transportation, make sure that enough space is available for this purpose. Also consider where to store the parts of the disassembled furniture. With a large amount of furniture that needs to be disassembled, it is better to entrust the task to qualified specialists: they will do everything much faster. Sliding wardrobes and other expensive cabinet furniture are dismantled simultaneously with the packaging and preparation for transportation. For packing furniture, we recommend using air-bubble and stretch film.

It is best to pack the most necessary things in everyday life on the day of moving in a few empty boxes specially left for this.

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