How to prepare your office for a move

How to prepare your office for a move

Timely organization of the relocation of the enterprise makes it possible not only to significantly save time, but also to optimize the process, eliminating all unnecessary fuss from it and not missing a single important detail. For convenience, you can divide the office relocation plan into several stages. A sample might look like this:

Freight volume. First you need to decide what volume of cargo transportation is to be carried out. The choice and number of vehicles will depend on this, as well as the number of flights that will be required to transport things from one room to another. Depending on how large the amount of work is, the company’s representatives can either take the loading job on themselves or entrust it to a team of professional loaders and call a cargo taxi.

If large-sized furniture is to be transported, it will need to be dismantled by dismantling large elements – countertops, doors, shelves. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the furniture being damaged during transportation.

Particular attention should be paid to items with a smooth surface, as well as fragile items – they should be transported either separately or carefully fixed, previously folded in vertical piles.

If there is no way to disassemble the furniture, you need to remove all the accessories from it and fix the doors with tape.

Package. An equally important step in preparing things for the move is packing. Properly selected materials will significantly reduce the risk of damage or deformation, providing protection against mechanical, thermal and other influences. Chairs can be folded in pairs and wrapped with foil and tape; for smooth surfaces, cardboard and stretch film are suitable.

If there are several offices in the new office, it is better to mark the boxes right away. And specify in advance where and what will need to be taken on the spot. This will save a lot of work time.

All securities and documents must be put in folders for their intended purpose; and for greater security – deposited in a bank cell.

In the process of packing things, you should make an inventory of them – it will allow you to more effectively control the loading process and give a guarantee that nothing will be lost during transportation.

Important! The office relocation notice, a sample of which is shown below, should be posted in advance so that both employees and customers can prepare for it. Office relocation notices can also be sent to clients via SMS and email.

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