Mirrors, glasses, paintings: packaging for moving

Mirrors, glasses, paintings: packaging for moving

Fragile interior details require a special approach to packaging:

Each mirror, glass and picture is packed separately. Wrap them in two or three layers of bubble wrap.
Then you need to take two sheets of cardboard that match the part in size and shape. The cardboard should completely cover the surface of the glass or picture. It must be carefully secured with adhesive tape.
Edges and corners must be protected from chips and other damage using protective profiles. They can protect fragile items from drops and bumps when shaking.

The packaging must be signed with a marker, indicating the fragility of the item being transported.
It is worth talking separately about such a task as the transportation of antique furniture. As a rule, it is not separable. For it, reinforced packaging is used – three or four layers of film. As a rule, it is carefully fixed in a truck for transportation. Unloading furniture in this case is especially careful and accurate.

Proper preparation of furniture for transportation, packaging and placement in a new place will ensure its safety and absence of damage.

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